Cold Meat Platters

How the menu works… You order, we deliver!

(Minimum order 10 people)

1. Choose two meat platters €4.50 pp
2. Choose a selection of 3 salads €3.95 pp
3. Add dessert platter €3.00 per person


Recyclable cutlery, plates, bowls, napkins etc. are provided and all recyclables are removed and disposed of by the caterer. Crockery and cutlery are available to hire on request. A selection of juices and drinks are available on request. Minimum order 10 people. If you have any special requests feel free to contact Mary and she will happily do her utmost to meet your needs.


Cold Meat Platters €4.50 per person – Choose 2 from the selection below

Dresssed salmon with dill , cucumber and creme fraiche wfgf, sfyf

Honey and mustard roast Irish ham wfgf, sfdf

Oven roast lemon chicken wfgf, sfdf

Roast beef with horseradish dip wfgf, sfdf

Roast stuffed crown of turkey, cranberry sauce wfgf, sfdf

Mediterranean roast vegetables, feta cheese and olives wfgf, sf

Salads – Choose 3 €3.95 per person

Vine tomato cherry tomato, red onion & basil w/ olive oil –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v

Carrot, flat parsley & almond or toasted mixed seeds, lemon dressing –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v

Mixed Leaf, toasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds w/ sunflower or balsamic vinaigrette –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v

Raw grated beetroot, mangetout, chicory, flat parsley, raspberry vinaigrette –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v

Broccoli, cauliflower, almonds w/ tahini dressing (add chickpeas for more protein) –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v

Celery, walnut, rocket, red peppers, spinach leaves, raspberry vinaigrete –  wfgf, sfdf, v

Puy lentil, roast pumpkin, irish feta, herbs and olive oil –  wfgf, sf

Red cabbage coleslaw w/ homemade mayonnaise –  wfgf, sfdf, yf

Cucumber, Greek syle natural yoghurt & mint –  wfgf, sf, yf


Pulses/legumes – protein-muscle building goodness

Butterbean, green bean & basil pesto –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v

Chickpea salad w/ roasted butternut, spinach, pinenuts –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v

Three bean salad w/ tamari dressing –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v

Rosemary roasted root vegetables, puy Lentil w/ ginger & parsley dressing –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v

Roast beetroot, shallot, mushroom, marjoram salad, walnut olive oil –  wfgf, sfdf, v

Sprouted beans, roasted peanuts, seeds, pak choy, tamari dressing –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v


Carbohydrates – Energy boosting nutrition

Potato, chives, green beans, spinach, tarragon wholegrain mustard vinaigrette –  wfgf, sfdf, v

Penne Pasta (wholewheat, gluten free also available on request) sundried tomato, olives, basil, red pepper infused olive oil – sfdf, yf, v

Mediterranean wholegrain couscous, lemon mint & parsley dressing – sfdf, yf, v

Brown & wild rice julienne vegetables, arame seaweed w/ tarragon dressing –  wfgf, sfdf, v

Barley roast vegetable salad with puy lentils –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v


A little bit extra – Because I deserve it

Broccoli, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, irish feta, wholegrain vinaigrette – wfgf, sf, yf, v

Asian soba noodles, lemongrass infused tofu –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v

Red cabbage coleslaw, light dressing of mayonnaise –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v

Roast cauliflower salad with indian spiced and greens –  wfgf, sfdf, yf, v


Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter – €3 per person



V – vegan

Wf-wheat free

Gf- gluten free

Df – dairy free

Yf – yeast free

Sf – sugar free

Contact Details

The Healthy Fresh Chef
Wicklow Enterprise Centre
Co. Wicklow, Ireland
T: +353 86 811 5519

About Mary

Mary Farrell, The Healthy Fresh Chef, is a dynamic and creative individual with a passion for food and nutrition. Founder / Owner-Manager of Café-Fresh, and author of The Café Fresh Cookbook, Mary believes in healthy nutritional food using fresh ingredients to create Low GL meals